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How often do you look in the mirror and hate on yourself?

You know you need to make changes but literally have no idea where to start?

Every week you tell yourself....this is my week! It all starts Monday!

You are always getting sick despite eating well and regular exercise?

You’re so over working out and getting absolutely nowhere and nothing, but bloody sore muscles?

Once upon a time, that was me too...

I’m Jenn (obviously), I am a wife, a mum of 4 small humans and a heap of other cool stuff, which you will learn about me.

After having our babes, my body was just never the same. I'm fairly certain it never will be, but i've learnt to embrace those changes and rock the new bod.

Truth be known, I never really had the best eating habits in my younger years.  I was desperate to have the perfect body and whilst my weight always fluctuated as teenage bodies do, it was never sustained through 'positive' eating habits.

I developed an eating disorder, became a chronic yo-yo dieter and jumped on any fad diet that came my way!

I wasted a lot of money and spent a lot of precious time getting nowhere!

I started despising myself, hating exercise and when i ate poorly, I punished myself for it - both mentally at physically.

I had no energy! I was borderline adrenal fatigue and hated what I saw in the mirror EVERYDAY.

I knew something had to change and whilst it took a wee bit, I soon realised at the heart of all of this, was my lack of self worth & love.

Once i realised all this, it was like a switch flipped inside me, I could see light at the end of the tunnel and set in motion the positive habits i desperately needed in my life.

By learning to love and invest in myself, I discovered so much about me (the real me) than i could have ever imagined.

I stopped the yo-yo dieting and became an intuitive eater, I started recognising self sabotage and learnt to catch this narrative before it took control and ultimately committed to my goals.

I am now in a position to share this intimate knowledge and help others uncover the beliefs and behaviours that are holding them back from being the person and living in the body they deserve.

I cannot wait to meet and help you!

J xx

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