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Tall Poppy syndrome

Updated: May 2, 2020

Tall poppy syndrome.This is what we think about it...

This phenomenon is showing up in my life more than I'd like lately! Both professionally and personally

If I'm honest, I'm actually disappointed at how much it presents in our culture.

I've experienced this negativity first hand in reaction to my success over the last few years and whilst I know many of the scathing things these 'so called' friends have said about me, I also know that's it's nothing to do with me and more to do with their own insecurities.

In all settings of my life right now, I'm increasingly exposed to people, women especially, passing judgement and criticism of others .

What's interesting, is when you actually explore reasons for their issue/s, more often than not, its nothing at to do with that person and everything to do with their jealously, resentment and/or fear.

Jealously they can't be or have what that person has, resentment that they haven't been able to achieve it and fear they never will

This recipe for hatred is never going to help anyone, anywhere. On international women's week, I thought we'd come further than this ladies

I believe, if someone is unhappy with aspects of their life, it's upto them to change it .

We and we only, create our own realities. Yep, truth ! And where we can't or don't want to commit and put in the work, we can't just expect shit to fall into our laps. If only it worked that way huh!

If I sat in my little box and continued to bitch and complain about my circumstances, id still be the miserable, bitchy, unmotivated and over weight human I once was. I was simply not prepared to keep living like that.

When someone else has achieved the things we want in life, does it not make sense to look to that person for guidance and inspiration, instead of judgement and resentment?

I hear about woman supposedly building women up, yet I don't see much of it in action. It doesn't take much to support your friends, family and colleagues in their endeavours, regardless of whether you approve or not.

We can break this cycle and I hope the next generation will be better at this than we have been.


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