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Are you open to the positive in your life?

Updated: May 16, 2020

Life has the most curious way of showing you the positive if you're open to seeing it.

Mornings are probably the most frustrating times of the day, especially when you have a heap of kids to get out the door.

When it's raining, for some reason mornings usually tend to be 10x more irritating.

Mornings use to shit me so much! Rainy morning's even worse...

I use to rage....

Rage at other drivers

Rage at being late everywhere

Rage at the kids epicly shitty behaviour

Rage at not getting to work on time

Rage at myself for letting the anxiety get to me so much it literally ruined my day

Just rage at stupid stuff, that in hindsight was a giant waste of my mental energy.

The last couple of days it's been pissing down. Usually this would mean one of 'those' mornings....

As the kids fought all morning, whinged in the car, drivers drove even more idiotic than usual (if you've ever been to Canberra, ya know what I mean ), we were late to drop off, I got saturated, no bloody parks and knew was going to be later than ever....

I walked over to work and realised none of that shit actually bothered me at all .

There was obviously a conscious decision made somewhere that meant me giving zero f%^ks to the fact that my morning had gone to crap!

So here's the thing, not only did none of that get to me in the slightest, i found a free park, the rain eased so I could walk to work, I got to enjoy the smell of the rain, the relaxing walk to work and rolled up to work calm as a cucumber .

I barely know myself anymore. This is an incredible feeling!

I use to be such a wound up, stressed out, hot mess when I arrived at work and the vast difference is mind blowing for even me .

I've been a work in progress for a long time, as you'd have seen if you're following my journey...

But today...I even surprised myself!!!

All the money, time & hard work I've invested into myself, has finally clicked.

It's a pretty extraordinary feeling to realise you have finally become the eternal optimist and a person you are actually proud to be.

If you're sweating the small stuff, you need to stop that now dudes, because this inner peace business is so worth it!!!

#Positivemindset #Overcomelimitingbeliefs #Takecontrol #Investinyourself

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