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Updated: May 3, 2020

I was too after years of feeling as though i wasn't good enough and never would be...🤦‍♀️And look at me now! 3 years on and the world is my oyster!

Imagine how good your life could be 1yr from now if you stopped fantasising about the "what ifs" and actively started building your dream life and/or bod....

The only reason I can think of that people don’t go after their dreams, is they either don't believe they are worthy or don’t think they're capable 🤔.

You and i both know that is not true!

🛑Stop scrolling Facey and Insta’s ‘highlights’ wishing + comparing

🛑Stop letting your goals and vision being ‘infected’ by someone’s comments, laugh or doubt and instead use it as a sign you’re right on track and if you're not quite there be ready to learn a whole lot

🛑Stop waiting for someone to tell you you’re ‘great’ and your opportunity is there when you're ready.

Seize today and just BE the fully sick legend you know YOU are!!!!

#Bethebestversion #lovewhoyouare #respectyourself #loveyourself

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