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I found myself at a time in my life where I felt very lost and constantly ‘stuck’.
I didn’t know what I wanted or needed, I just knew that I couldn’t keep self destructing, overeating and being constantly anxious. 
I wanted to be the ‘old me’ who was comfortable in my own skin.
I had seen Jenn on Facebook, had seen her lives and had met her years ago through the gym.
I had hit rock bottom and had nothing to lose, so I contacted Jenn and I found that I didn’t have any clear direction or goals.
Through coaching with Jenn I found that I was consumed with fear, fear of change, challenge and fear of putting myself first.
I learnt how to feel guilt free about caring for myself and that lead me to start to think about what I really needed and wanted to do for me.
I have learnt to INVEST IN MYSELF! Jenn taught me well in regards to investing in myself and this has helped me to develop my own goal of starting my own business, which wasn’t even on my radar when I started with Jenn, and now it’s my passion.
It has been a gradual process but it has developed quite naturally from exploring what gives me joy and satisfaction.
Thank you Jenn for helping me grow in a direction that I was not able to choose for myself at my lowest point. It’s bloody hard work opening yourself up and being vulnerable but I’m so glad I did and I’m so grateful to Jenn as she was there to guide me through it all.
Love you Jenn and thank you 😊 ❤️

Chelsea McDonald

If you want inspiration, motivation and absolute support, Jenn is definitely your go to woman!
Jenn has supported and guided me all the way in my health journey! She has always checked in to see how I’m going with my progress and always been a great shoulder of support.
Jenn has always been there to celebrate my successes and guided me back on to the right path when I have wandered off. Jenn’s personal journey is motivation alone and has inspired me to keep on working toward my goals no matter what. Nothing worth it ever comes easy. She has an awesome knowledge of what it means to create and live a healthy lifestyle. I cannot recommend her highly enough! She is brilliantly amazing and inspiring! ❤️

Kim Lum

What can I say about Jenn..

Jenn is truly amazing and has helped me so much with becoming a healthier version of myself.

Even when I've gone backward or lost my way Jenn has been there every step of the way and I would not be achieving my goals without Jenn to keep me focused on the end reward.
Jenn is so passionate about what she does and about helping people. Jenn is truly an inspiration to anyone who may have the pleasure of meeting her.
I highly recommend Jenn to anyone I know who wants to loose weight, become healthier and needs a little help to change their mindset to really achieve great results.

Sharon Hilton

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